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If our website + twitter + facebook page didn't catch your eye, we hope our blog will.  We're hoppin' on the band wagon and joining every social network possible.  So here's to the brand new twig blog where every Tuesday & Thursday you'll find posts on good design + event shout outs + innovation + tutorials + shop advice + local happenings + anything and everything inspirational.

To start us off, we're focusing on the key to inspiration and creation.  That is what we see around us.  Both the better half of Twig and I are greatly influenced by product packaging + the design of our surroundings.  This is what kick started our passion for creation and ultimately what is now known as Twig.  It's wanting to make something just as good or hopefully even better.  It's wanting to make something that you yourself want or need in the most functional + beautiful way possible.

It's quite remarkable how often we are lured into buying a product based on its aesthetics.  At the same time, I believe that if the creator is willing to design a lovely product on the outside; I assume it is equally lovely on the inside.

Have you looked in your cupboards and in your drawers?  I was pleasantly surprised to find in my cupboard, the most simple yet beautiful honey bottle.  It makes the art of daily life so much for enjoyable doesn't it? 

It's the attention to detail, the cleverness, the thinking outside the box that catches the eye.  It's the genius of creating something that not only makes you want the product, but also the design of its facade that almost fades into the thing itself.

What's catching your eye?



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