Valentines Project | Cardboard Art Weaving for Kids

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Our daughter spends most of her free time immersed in some sort of art project; which we love and fully promote, but we were a little stumped to find something that didn't involve paint when she asked to have an art themed birthday party. We found a tutorial for cardboard weaving on the Art Bar Blog and we jumped on it. After the fact, we wouldn't recommend such an activity when you have to help ten 6 year olds at the same time, but one on one, this is an awesome kid friendly and even fun for the adults, project.

With Valentines day quickly approaching, we thought it would be fun to make a weaving in valentine colors that could then be given away.

We simplified the process a bit by not being too picky about the measurements and by substituting the plastic needle with a wooden stick that was then also used to hang the weaving on. The best part is that the main piece of equipment for this project is a piece of cardboard!

How to:

  • Cut a piece of cardboard (the wider or longer the piece, the wider & longer your weaving) and either measure or eye, to cut consistent slits across each end. 
  • Cut a small piece of cardboard the same width as your first piece of cardboard and glue to the bottom of your slits on each end. 
  • String yarn into each slit, leaving a tail on the end and then tape down all of the tails to the back of the cardboard.
  • Choose your first color of yarn and tie to your stick or attach to your plastic needle and follow a pattern of over, under, over, under or vice versa. Pull the yarn through and keep a short tail on the end.
  • On the next line, do the opposite of what you did before, so under, over, under, over and repeat on each line, pulling through and adjusting to the tightness that you desire. The tighter you pull, the thinner the weaving will become. 
  • Switch yarn colors as often as you desire, always leaving a short tail on the end.
  • When finished, pull the string out of the slits, tie one knot in the top and leave the bottom out to hang. Tape all of the loose tails to the back.
  • Connect the tied portion to your stick and wahlah you're done!


New Boat

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This has been an exciting week with our re-brand to The Twig Co. and introducing our new pixie camera, however we didn't stop at that!

Now welcoming our new nautical boat.

Inspired by the traditional origami boat and the philosophy that that which is minimal and natural can be the most beautiful. Each boat is crafted from alternating layers of solid cherry and maple wood, then treated to keep the water out.

Find it in our shop here.

The New Pixie Camera

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Summertime is the time we like to celebrate our birthday here at Twig - and this year we're turning 2. It's been a year spent trying to find our place and purpose as a business. And admittedly, at times things have grown stagnant as we've tried to answer the question, "So what's next?" That's a difficult question for a small business to answer. But we've been inspired! In the way our products are made and the philosophy behind them. So now we're excited to show what we've been working on!

Introducing the new Pixie Camera!

We've removed fasteners of any kind and replaced them with traditional, interlocking jointer - allowing the material itself to become part of the design. The result is a naturally-safe, heirloom-quality toy made of 4 interchangeable pieces for even more interactive, building fun…and let's just say, the color possibilities are endless.

Check out our new website to build your own!

Color Drop

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Color fell in the shop this past weekend…including some of our most requested colors! Available now in the shop.

Introducing…Paint Your Own Pixie

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Introducing…The paint your own pixie. Unpainted cameras for your mini-Monet. Available now in our shop!


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Easter easter! A few goodies that our girlies will find from the easter bunny this weekend. Trying to focus more on things to love rather than things to eat and we're feeling lucky that our girls still beg for one of our cameras when we release new colors. What is the easter bunny bringing to your home?

Annual Cozy Gift Guide 2014

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It's time for our annual cozy gift guide! We're stoked about the shops included because we admire each of them for their creativity, work ethic, good design, and function. We've chosen a good mix of items for the kiddos + dad + mom.

Scroll down or click below to visit each individual shop and see how we like to use their product in our daily life. Also, notice Black Friday Deals the shops have shared!

Flat Out Frankie  
Archie's Press 
Snap Bibs 
Hoodie Love  
Handmade La Conner  
Medium Control  
Tree Hut 

Flat Out Frankie

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Flat Out Frankie
Instagram @flatoutfrankie
Facebook Flat Out Frankie

Visit Little Modern on Black Friday for...
30% off Little Kitchens 
30% off Princess Castles
Free shipping on all orders over $75
Promo code - BLACKFRIDAY

Flat Out Frankie makes unique & inventive cardboard creations that allow children to construct, play, and imagine. You already know that we're all for anything that promotes imagination, but what we love most about Flat Out Frankie products is not only the simple beauty but also that each piece is basic enough for our four year old to look at the package instructions and figure out how to piece together the toy. It brings her a satisfaction and greater enjoyment than regular old toys do. It's exciting to watch the toy and her anticipation come to life and the toys are so well designed, we actually want them on display in our home. We love finding them in various nooks from room to room where they have been played with and kept. We also love the thought of gifting such a unique item and changing up the mundane gifting scene. Now if we can only get our little girl to agree, we'll use the unicorn head someday as a cool art piece in her room as well. Thanks Flat Out Frankie!

Seen here- The Little Unicorn Head & The Stack Up Dolls

Archie's Press

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Archies' Press
Instagram @archiespress
Facebook Archie's Press

We were fellow vendors with Archie's Press at Renegade Craft Fair this year and spent a good amount of time admiring their work. The idea to break down a place into smaller & smaller units and execute it so artfully is genius in our book. Their prints are interesting and beautiful and we like to think, a great conversation starter. This is definitely one of those unique pieces you can be proud to hang in your home that will be sure to be admired by all who enter. Now if we can just get them to put Salt Lake City on their to make list! Thanks Archie's Press!

*All images via Archie's Press

Snap Bibs

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Snap Bibs
Instagram @snapbibs
Facebook Snap Bibs

Is it odd to say that I've become a bit of a bib snob? When you spend most of your day taking a bib on & off and then cleaning up such bib and surrounding area, you get picky! Not to mention, it's nearly impossible to find plain old beautiful children's wear in your local grocery store/market. So cue Snap Bibs! The color range will have you at hello but then you experience the simplicity of clean up and you're sold. A quick wipe down and you're done. I love that I want to photograph my child in her highchair with her bib on and that the bib actually compliments the picture! You then move onto older children who don't want to/shouldn't wear a bib anymore and yet they've still got you covered, matching and equally durable place mats. And possibly the best part, you can roll up your placemat, you can roll up your bib, and take them on the go! But wait, the best part for my little girl is actually the sample pack of bibs that they offer, just in case you can't decide on a color, which you probably won't be able to. After we looked at all of the pretty colors, she quickly deemed them as her newest barbie doll accessory. Thanks Snap Bibs!


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