In Front of or Behind the Camera

We've often got a camera in hand, whether it's taking photos of our product, our little girl, or our surroundings.  So we're always up for a tip or two from the pros.  Thankfully we have some very talented and admirable friends.  Here's what they have to say.

Here are two tips to becoming a better photographer.
Tip Number One - Look at the work of really great photographers, the masters of photography, the people that have shaped the medium. It's going to show you an amazing world of what is possible. Once you take a look at the work of the people that have consistently performed at the highest level of this art form, then you'll be able to imagine new possibilities of your own.  

Tip Number Two: Have fun. Experiment. Make mistakes. Take chances. Assign yourself a project. Explore. Have even more fun and take even more chances. 
And here's a bonus--a secret that will make you a better photographer right now. Ready? Only show the good pictures. Learn to edit with a critical eye. You can show the mistakes to those that are helping you progress, but leave out the duds when showing your images to your fast growing list of adoring fans. 

1. Don't Pass Chances
Is the lighting perfect? Maybe not. Is your image blog worthy? Who cares. Are noses wiped? Maybe not. 
Don't let your idea of a perfect photograph interfere with the feeling of wanting to get the image locked down and documented. 
Take pictures. Sooner or later you will discover your own perfections and imperfections behind the camera. Just click and that's what matters. 
2. Values Change
Be careful what you delete. This applies especially your personal work, especially if you are editing right after a session. My favorite images are very often mistakes that, when I gave them a change to sit, became some of my favorite results. Allow yourself to look at something twice.  

My top tip when it comes to taking photos is to let the subject feel comfortable and act like themselves. Once you have them at ease then there’s always room for candid photos and more natural smiles. I love it when my brides and grooms interact with each other as if I’m not there. Those images are always the most beautiful.
When it comes to being on the other side of the camera, stay away from choosing a white shirt. It’s super difficult to expose for it when it’s placed next to darker colors. It also seems to wash out skin. Definitely add color and details into your wardrobe. As a photographer I LOVE to photograph details. Monograms on the inside of suits, funky colored socks, or grandma’s pendant on the bouquet are always easy things to add to make your wedding or photo session different. It’s all about details. Make the best out of the session. I can only do so much... When you bring your own personality to the session then it makes it that more fabulous.  



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