Craft Lake City -- A Re-cap

Saturday was possibly the longest day coming in history and then the longest day in itself, which then led us to a zombie like manner all day Sunday.  However, Craft Lake City was happenin' and we snapped a few photos just in case you missed out.


Audrey :

I had such a great time there, and your stall was by far my favorite. It was so great to meet you two in person and check out your amazing wares. I couldn't stop gushing to my boyfriend how great those chairs were, by the way. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with next.

Michelle :

Thanks Audrey! We loved meeting you and of course your compliments [especially from such a stylish one yourself] were greatly appreciated. Now off to browse your blog!

Michelle :

I love the 'twig' standing displays!! So two are so clever.


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