twig country.

Besides riding carousels and wishing we came up with this & that idea first, we set up shop at Oh Sweet Sadie and did our best to make the empty warehouse dry wall walls look somewhat inviting. Too bad our hanging tablecloth ended up looking more like a flag than a wall covering...welcome to twig country.


Tori :

way cute booth and cute stuff! I am your crazy neighbor to the left...I wish I had a cool banner {especially the flag kind!}

Luz e. Howse :

wish /i could head up and see your booth in person!

Michelle :

Tori, hopefully our flag is drawing in people for you and your darling table set up is drawing in people for us ;o)

Luz, we'll see you at Bijou right?

Luz e. Howse :

wish I could. I think I missed bijou's submission deadline and my 4 girls are keeping me busy anyway. But I'll at least be there as a shopper. (:


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