scenes from the week.

this is part of a series, "a piece of us from each week and possibly things seen 100 times before noticed in a new way."

did you know we have stacks & stacks of paper? we've donated piece after piece after piece to crafting projects around town and still we find ourselves lost in paper. sometimes however it comes in handy.

we're quickly getting settled in our new place. found a gem [that hanger] at the local thrift store and couldn't wait to put it up. also, that calvacade lamp i mentioned. gorgeous.

and this is what a behind the scenes shop photo session looks like. a moving box as a prop why not? sunlight was just streaming in on it, no wonder it likes to hang out there. a little girl [playing dress up in my jacket might i add] standing in the distance just waiting to snatch up the earrings i'm photographing why yes.



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