why we do what we do.

mondays are normally a scenes from the week sort of day but i missed friday's the way of words post and thought i'd spill some thoughts now.

i've never really questioned why we do what we do, however, when the clocked passed 12:30 p.m., i began to wonder what in the world we were still doing up tagging and gluing and assembling for the handmade market in nearly 6 hours.

i started to wonder if what we do is a little bit crazy. we work and work and work for weeks on projects that may or may not sell. we drive back and forth collecting supplies, we build, we labor, we design & re-design, we discuss, we assemble, we tag, we price, we decorate, we set up, and after all this, we must remember that we pay money to be included in events where we can sell our goods! it all sounds a little imbalanced and misunderstood but once i've gotten enough sleep and come to my senses i think more clearly on why we do what we do.

while at the market, i spoke with a friend about this handmade process and the thriving of the handmade business. she shared that her business began because after having her first child, she needed that something for her, that hobby if you will that willed her and motivated her and inspired her. now with a second child, she realizes that her business adds stress to her role as a mother but it's at the same time, the relief of stress from those stressful motherhood times. a possible contradictory cycle but true in the end. then while talking about our upcoming market with my dad and brother, my brother asked if it really is worth it, if we make enough after all the time invested. i answered honestly that it isn't always worth it as far as money goes, and i think we all know that any beginning business takes time and growth before profit and effort marry; but then i stated something not exactly profound but an answer to my wondering earlier in the day, i said, you have to love it.

and that's that, you have to love the process of creating and investing your mind and time and heart into making something that you hope someone else will love just as much. when you sell handmade, you aren't just looking to make money off of a product, but you are looking for appreciation for the craft. you hope that it will in the end inspire someone else, make their life a bit easier or more lovely or simply more enjoyable. you hope that your product is treasured and admired and helpful or beautiful or useful to someone out there in the world.

even still, i guess we are a bit crazy. but in the end, the art of creation is thrilling and exciting and gives life that extra boost it sometimes needs. not to mention, when you're a part of the handmade world, you join a family of amazing creators who push you and inspire you in a way that you can't find anywhere else.

plus after handmade markets, everyone swaps goods for the things they want. like the silver leather garland we got last night from annilygreen and the red orange lamp we got from calvacade! pictures soon.

[psst. that's a sneak peek to the new wood jewelry line we'll be introducing this weekend for your black friday shopping!]



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