The 15 Friends Project; #7 rockstar diaries.

there is always that fear that the packages & canvases will get lost in the mail, but alas we were saved when we saw this beauty today on rockstar diaries.

see friend #7, rockstar diaries addition to the 15 friends project here.

our favorite part, that fabric of course, and the glitter, we're so on the glitter boat right now.

still following? >>>>>>>> more here.

[image via rockstar diaries]


Mr. Taylor and his Lady :

i really love this concept, and everyone's pieces are just brilliant!!
xo TJ

Michelle :

Thanks TJ, we think everyone's additions to the canvases have been brilliant as well. Now off to browse your space on the www.

ashley in wonderland :

what a fun idea!

Michelle :

we'll get you in on one of these ashley!


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