being fulfilled.

last week while involved in a creative event and talking with creative people, one person made the intriguing comment that because there is so much online inspiration available at our finger tips, people can simply browse pinterest and their creative need is fulfilled. They no longer feel the urge to themselves create. I agreed right away. For me it goes a little more like this...

1- want to create >>> 2- browse online inspiration >>> 3- pin/save/remember a load of things to create >>> 4- feel really inspired >>> 5- browse some more >>> 6- active creative interest declines as i spend too much time browsing >>> 7- before i know it my allotted creative time is gone but i saw a lot of cool things and kind of decide they would take too much effort/supplies/time anyway.

does this happen to you???

yesterday i got out several supplies for jewelry making. once the little babe was napping, i decided to get online to complete a few things but of course got a little off track with this & that. i finally told myself to close the computer and get with the creating. i became so into what i was doing, loving the feeling of active creating. but of course before i knew it, that new meal i had pinned and decided to try out for dinner was calling to be started. i procrastinated a little more not wanting to stop making-doing-creating. i even thought to myself, gosh, why did i spend so much time online [!] but alas i had to stop and get with my other responsibilities.

so now today i'm thinking about priorities. i'm thinking about what really fulfills us verses what appears to fulfill us. do we feel more satisfied/confident/happy when we actually create and complete something rather than just feeling the awe of another's success?

i'm sure it all comes down to balance as always. we all bring something different to the plate and can all learn/be inspired by those differences. we need that. but for me i also know that i need to get my hands dirty in my own creations. i need to work that inspiration out. some may not need that? some may need that more than others? but i challenge you, close the screen for one afternoon and see how you can be fulfilled without the influence of others.

[sometimes while photographing new product, i get these fuzzy in between shots but i kind of like them. i of course won't put them in the shop, but i always want to put them somewhere.]


whitneyingram :

This is precisely why I am writing a cookbook. Use my own great ideas and gathering inspiration.

lucás :

Agreed, there is no replacement for doing. Any forum for the sharing of ideas is a great thing, however, if the lion's share of your time is spent collecting the ideas of others then what do you become? Certainly not an individual, and most definitely not an instrument for creation. Create and share, in that order.

Happy Harrison :

I TOTALLY agree! I've found myself in that same situation so many times, and at the end of two hours of just looking around after the littles are in bed, I always think "Why didn't I shut that thing off and do some creating for PitterPatterShop" (my etsy shop). Just like you said, looking around does give the false sense of fulfilling the need to create, but it certainly doesn't give the same satisfaction as actually creating.
What a great post, and wonderful observation!

(I'm Luke's sister...found this through him.)

Michelle :

it's always a tiny risk to let your mind spill to the world but i am just shaking my head in agreeance with all of your comments and so thankful for them. you made my day by letting me know you feel the same way + sharing such wise words with me.

Sew Much Ado :

Well said! I don't go on Pinterest very often because I feel like I already have too many ideas that I want to do but either don't have time for or just don't get around to, and spending all my time finding even more new ideas rather than using the ones I already have just seems a little counter productive :). That said, I still think Pinterest is a great thing and enjoy browsing once in a while, but at least for me, I have to keep it limited.

Melody :

Beautifully put, Michelle! And wonderful comments too.

Ditto. To all of it.

(I'm Luke's mom and I already know you.)

Hannah :

I stumbled across your blog via the Rockstar diaries and the 15 friends project.
I couldn't agree fact, after having a little more of a browse of your blog, I'm going to close down this procrastinator machine and get my hands dirty with making some pretty things :)

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Michelle :

Hannah, can i start using the phrase procrastinator machine!!!??? Can't wait to see your progress.


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