do. cork board.

a couple of years ago i sold mini cork jewelry boards in a square shape with ribbon for hanging. while brainstorming how i would present multiple pairs of earrings for a christmas gift, i thought back on those mini cork boards. however, i decided to make this one a little more exciting by adding a decorative shape + other options for hanging. this would also be great for a simple pin board for notes or collages.

tools = thin or thick cork + glue gun + ribbon + [optional] clothes pin, push pin & glitter.

1] in google images type in "decorative shape" and choose from the several worthy options. print the shape in black and white on 8x10 paper.
2] cut out the paper shape, trace onto your cork, and cut out. [i already had thin cork on hand and so i traced & cut 4 pieces for the right thickness. if you have thick cork on hand, you'll want to use an exacto knife instead of scissors.]
3] glue piece(s) together with glue gun.
4] glue desired ribbon, rope, etc. on back.
5] optional hanging choices = 1> put hot glue on a push pin and sprinkle with glitter, decoupage over the top to hold the glitter in place. 2> decoupage a piece of paper onto a clothespin hot glue onto the cork. both of these are perfect for hanging necklaces, bracelets, or odd shaped dangle earrings.


Anonymous :

This is so practical and pretty. I need this jewelry storing solution. Right now all my stuff is stuffed in boxes in my underwear drawer!


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