do. yarn wrap wreath.

i've seen similar yarn wrap wreaths around the www and since i'm not a huge wreath fan; this is one that jumped out at me. i will admit, it was one of those projects that took a bit longer than i wanted/expected but i was probably just being impatient. wrapping yarn very carefully around and around and around and trying not to get the ends tangled was quite the task in the beginning but before i knew it, i was speeding right along.

their were so many beautiful yarn colors to choose from but i decided to keep it simple in order to have a versatile year round wreath. i figure you can add whatever seasonal odds and ends you want to it to add that bit of change. my personal bit to the already common yarn wrap wreath was to braid several strands of yarn and tie around the bottom. and actually, i added a few more this morning because i liked the look so much.

here's to winter wreathing!

would love to see your take on a winter wreath.


Mere :

I've been wanting to do a wreath like this!!!!! I like the colors you chose

Michelle :

Mere, hi! Lovely to meet you and your blog. If you do make a wreath, let us know we want to see! Like I said it was a little more time consuming than I wanted but the outcome is perfect.

abby :

i love this michelle! i'm inspired.

Michelle :

To inspire you Abby makes my day!

cheney cheney bang bang :

I have something funny to show you at my house next time that took tens of hours of wrapping...and it involved wire, which was so harsh on my delicate little woman fingers.


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