making a home.

[photo by justin hackworth]

a week before we moved into our current place, we were contacted by a big time website with the interest of featuring our home. we were of course freaked out & ecstatic all at once with the assumption that since they liked our product, we must have a cool living space. it's an easy assumption i guess, if you make cool things, you probably make your environment cool too. however, we weren't moved in yet and we most definitely didn't have all that we needed to make our new house a home. so, we got all moved in and probably in record time settled with plenty of nails in the walls and pictures hung. we changed things up a bit from our old space; i was determined to not just get this & that for the best deal around but get the things we needed because we needed them + loved them [sometimes it's difficult to not save the loved items (even if needed) for a rainy day when they rock the budget no?] that's maybe when their is a love/hate relationship with knock offs and almost just like items.

i found myself becoming a little bit obsessed with the process of making our home picture ready or website worthy. it seemed that it just didn't meet up with the past homes featured. i kept thinking on the fact that of course if we were to a point where we were building our dream home and could buy/make/have all of the things our hearts desired, our home would be amazing. i even looked at a painting above our bed, that the hubs and i painted together when we were first married and thought, hmmm it's a little too shabby chic for me now, i'd rather it be more abstract.

well, as the website instructed, we rallied up a friend photographer to make our home magical through photographs and sent off the photos. we received the declination email a few days later; that our home didn't quite match what they were looking for. we were disappointed but knew that we had done our best.

however, while laying on the bedroom floor the other night, i looked back up at that painting above our bed and saw perfection in it. it made me smile and i realized that its perfection comes from the process of it being made, from the likes of the style at the time it was made, and from the memories.

it reminded me that things aren't the only factor that make up a home and that we make our environment over time through experiences and change. so, our home might not be what one website deems cool, but we're pretty happy in our environment and it's cool to us.


Melody :

Very lovely post. And lovely photo. What a vital lesson to learn about life. . . sorry you didn't make it to the cool table (by someone else's standards of cool,) but fame and acclaim are fleeting friends anyway.

Love is here to stay. Above the bed.

Michelle :

very beautifully written, thanks for reading but especially commenting. yours are my favorite.


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