as you may have noticed, we've had a little freshening up of this space. i've wanted to re-vamp this site for quite some time and with the soon to be update of our website, i figured it was perfect timing. because the master behind all of our branding & design who also happens to be my business partner and husband is quite busy as of late, we decided to reach out and appreciate the talents of someone else. i happened upon blog milk one day and then re-visited over and over not able to keep the good design out of my mind. i emailed the blog author, ana, without even knowing that she actually had a web design shop. after already contacting her i found her design shop. how lucky was i to find a site i adored and then find out that that person actually designs blogs! so, what do you think?

ana was such a pleasure to work with. she listened to my many ideas + desires even when i wasn't quite sure what i wanted the outcome to be, used her skills to design exactly what i wanted but didn't know to begin with, and made changes as needed on the spot. she seemed to always be available plus gave us a full 5 days to work and change and finalize. she added elements i didn't even know were so awesome and just basically felt like a friend through the whole process. not to mention, i fell in love with her blog design and so she gave us several of the elements and changed hers, which i just fell in love with again. it's a good read.

so if you need something of this sort, you know where to go right.

also, just a few pictures of the goings on around here. we celebrated the little gal turning two, rearranged the bedroom + studio space a bit, bundled up and took a winter walk, and are now preparing for another birthday celebration this week.


Ana Degenaar :

I don't know what to say. You are not only a great client but a beautiful person. It takes an amazing heart to use up a whole post about your designer. I am choking right now and it is a great thing. Thank you SO much! Your ethics and kindness are admirable. Big cybernetic hug to you. I hope you and your readers enjoy this. All my best,

lacey horst-thomas :

ooh I love it! it seems so crisp!

Damaris @Kitchen Corners :

I agree, Ana is THE best designer in the whole world.


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