there has been a little bit of heartbreak in and around my family as of late and so my thoughts have been full and my heart has been a bit heavy. the lingering thought that loved ones can be taken from this earth at any time and the reality hit that unexpected changes bring. amidst these eye opening experiences; also came the positive thought of being our most authentic selves, of bringing all of who we are to this world at this time before our unknown time to go has come. While admiring the happy spirit of another, who has just experienced a big life change, the words "BE BRIGHT" came to mind. her big grin, mint skinnies and leopard cardigan while riding a blue beach cruiser made me realize that amidst sorrow can be happiness, amidst struggle or change or the unknown can be us enjoying and living and being who we are meant to be. we all bring a different twist to the everyday and so we must let our brightness spread around.



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