getting clear

yesterday while checking up on some of my favorite bloggers, i clicked on this video over on freshly picked. the title of her blog post as well as her statement made in the video ran through my head for the rest of the afternoon. it was like when i let my daughter watch yo gabba gabba and then the songs are on repeat in my mind for the next several days. i was confused and inspired all in one. "get clear about the life you want...." how does one do that? it seemed so overwhelming to me. sometimes i think i'm there and sometimes i'm apparently not...i must not be completely clear.

i loved so many things about the video; that it made me dig deep, that it made me itch for something bigger, that it made me want to talk to the hubs about everything we do and why we do it. i loved that although the subject of the video was focused on small business, that it mainly showed susan in her natural element, as a mom. i loved that she talked about being in the moment of working or playing with children, not both at the same time. as people in general we wear many hats but as a small business owner, the hats of home and business can sometimes drift together. this is a constant wonder of mine; is it normal to think that as a small business owner you must work at any moment you need to, or, do you work hard when you've allotted work time and play hard when you've allotted play time? it's very hard for me to separate because my work time isn't always determined depending on if it's a good nap day or bad nap day if you know what i mean. however, i am more so seeing the light and realizing how important specific time allotments are. we all know it can be super easy to drift from productivity to wastefulness by simply clicking from one link to another.

the video was enlightening in a way that i felt happy for the success and insight of a fellow small business owner but then i also felt ready to figure out what path i'm on and where it's going. do you know your current path? it seems our paths are never constant, but our passion and our desires can be. even our end goal may change due to new opportunities but our will and the result we want from our efforts should be consistent.

it's nice to know that we're human beings of change and progress and trial and error but in the end, we should as susan put it, "get clear about the life you want and run like hell at it." [susan from freshly picked]


Carmen Myer :

Thanks for sharing the video. I agree our paths are ever-changing, but thinking about our passions and how we can build a life around them is always exciting and thrilling.

Lora :

that was a really inspiring video! thanks so sharing, michelle. and i gotta tell you - i LOVE my little earrings - esp the yellow ones! :) lora


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