15 Friends Project Auction

the day has come for us to hand off the beautiful 15 Friends Project canvases to some other appreciative and lucky hands. we couldn't have been more stoked about the amazing line up for this project and the awesome outcome of the collaborative work. it was thrilling to watch the canvas travel from state to state across the U.S. where different minds and different talent added their own little bit of themselves. these pieces are truly one of a kind. so would you like to hang them in your home? they are full of texture, pattern, line, treasured keepsakes, and most of all stories. now back to hanging them in your own home, you can! the canvases are up for auction with half of the proceeds going to the utah food bank. the other half you ask? well to future projects of course. they are already reeling in our minds. so lets get it going, put in your bid and hope hope hope you are the highest bidder for these unique beauties.

get to the auction here.



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