how to crimp a bracelet or necklace

when i first began making jewelry and would visit the local supplies shop, i had no idea what some of the tools were used for. with time and experimentation, i came to know some of the tiniest yet most useful supplies. one of them is crimping beads. crimping beads allow you to secure the end of a bracelet or necklace with a strong hold and minimal distraction from your overall design.

here's how you do it.
1// string the crimping bead and then your ring or clasp onto your bracelet or necklace string.
2// fold the string over your ring or clasp and thread into the crimping bead. this will create a small hoop.
3// using jewelry or regular pliers, squeeze the crimping bead together. this creates the strong hold of the 2 pieces of string.
4// if you haven't already, you can then open your ring and attach your clasp to the ring. a ring isn't absolutely necessary, you can attach a clasp only.
5// now that you have a strong end, you can string on your beads without having to hold both ends.
6// repeat the same crimping action as before to the now beaded string.
7// undo your clasp and immediately wear your bracelet or necklace.



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