Idea thinking

lets talk about ideas. ideas ideas ideas have been on my mind lately. how do people come up with ideas? how many times do you think i should have thought of that idea? how often do you try to force an idea and nothing avails?

as always, i soak up way more inspiration than is healthy for my balance between ideas and my own ideas. sometimes the weight of the world wide web puts a damper on my need to sort through my creativity and express it rightfully. it occurred to me that i may need to take my own advice to heart.

however, [even as ironic as it may be] i realized that the main key to hearing or understanding your own authentic personal ideas and then to allow them to fly, is to listen. that's right, to listen. i run around each day trying to fill each moment with productivity, paying heed to the little gals needs all the while making a mental list of what i will accomplish during nap time, including my dreams of growing and bettering our business; but the exact things that i need to do to accomplish such never come to fruition because i haven't stopped and listened. by the time i am ready to go to work, my mind is still in a blur. that precious creation time is then spent wondering how and what i'm really trying to do. it can be quite frustrating and can lead to envy of others ideas....which then puts a halt to your own authenticity.

i spent a lot of time in college in the practice of meditation. i would find a favorite quiet spot and just sit. i would reflect, maybe write a few words, and would most often just enough nature whether directly in it or simply watching a sun set from a window. my need for ideas at that time were completely different than now, but the time for meditation and the effects on my personal health in all areas were fantastic.

the art of ideas is so varied from person to person, thus the reason we all have a shot. it's the time and energy that makes all the difference.

a few ideas i'm loving from this week. how about you?

house mobile // keeping the sparks flying // polka dot lanterns

[post edit. the beautiful thing about meditation is that it pushes you to see things differently. like looking up to see a simple tract light; it becomes interesting. remember to look up. you may see a shape in the sky, a night sky, or a beautiful design element.]



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