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we've been trying to re-route our creative minds as of late. i think every artist goes through a period of time [or numerous] where they must look at what they do and why they do it. we've come to the conclusion that we must better train our minds to create, simply to create. the best outcome of creativity is when you make because you yourself love the item and molded it from your heart and passion. of course it seems easy that we would make something we ourselves would want...but sometimes creating towards a trend can seep into your work and take over. not to say that following the trends isn't good, but you don't want it to steer you away from your authentic self. your authentic work is in the end why someone would even appreciate your work in the first place, because it is yours and only yours.

i went to creative collaborative tonight and always wonder why i don't make the 30 minute drive once a month more often to attend; it's totally exhilarating [thus the reason it's 11:10 p.m. and i'm sitting up typing this, also though because i couldn't resist having a taste of the yogurt pops i made today] but mindy gledhill spoke of breaking our creative blocks and overall being who we are and owning our ideas whether liked or disliked. it was completely in line with mine and steve's current thoughts and desires and ideas for pushing ourselves to be truer creatives and not so worried about the success of the creation, whether that be money or online presence. story after story was shared of people who we all marvel at like steven speilberg and eric claption who made the decision to make themselves into who they dreamed to be, and still had folly's or envy's or road blocks along the way. i think the best part about creative collaborative is hearing other artists tell of their own successes and down falls and realizing that we're all in this together and experiencing similar feelings. it can be difficult to want something so badly and yet not get the response you expected, but in the end you must realize that if you are proud of your work, that is all that matters.

steve sent me an email this week with the above print and it sums up what our new motto is. we're going to create, but not only create, we're going to create beautiful things and do it because it makes our life beautiful. however we do hope it will add to the beauty of yours too.

and then he went and made these beautiful lights and i thought, well, someone's definitely going to care about those.


Sue :

I do care about those! The Orchard Nightlights are darling and I can imagine gifting them at showers for new mom's with cool nursery spaces... Where do we find those lovely little gems?

Michelle :

Hi Sue! What a grand idea, yes that would be lovely. You can find them on our website www.twigcreative.com under furniture & decor. Email us if any questions hello@twigcreative.com.

Danie at Pasadya :

Such a great post! I've been getting in the creative rut lately, and it's comforting to read that other makers will create from the heart. Guess you have to keep moving forward and trust that someone will love your work somewhere down the road. :)


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