Table Re-do

when my parents got married, they were given a table from my mom's parents that they then re-stored, peeling off 6 layers of paint. this table was the table of my childhood, complete with the carving of names in it and plenty of family dinner gatherings. the table has now been painted a funky lime green and sits in my mom's craft room where projects and sewing take place. my current dining table reminds me a lot of my parents table and the dining table of my childhood. it was given to me by my gracious aunt who supplied me with much needed college furniture. i've since done away with the 2 love seats given but this table, well, it's stuck with me longer than i ever expected. i see it as one that will stick around just as long as my parents table has.

a year or so ago, i toyed with the idea of painting the entire table, a grey or red. steve quickly reminded me that the natural wood wasn't so bad. i prefer good solid natural looking wood tables but until that day comes when i'm sure steve will craft one for us, this table had to do. so, i decided that a combination of the wood + color would be just the trick for making something old become new again.

and well, i quite like it. a subtle change but just enough to make a difference. and who knows, maybe in 20 years, one of our kids will peel away the paint and make it their own.



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