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as you may have learned by now, i am somewhat of a minimalist. i probably don't really compare to the true minimalist but i believe in ridding your life of things you don't use/need. i've had quite the minimalist itch this summer as i've gazed in my clothes closet and the solution is this...

blog shop & swap. a sale or swap of your lightly used clothing, accessories, and/or small homegoods. 

the details//
1. take 1-2 pictures of every item you would like to sell or swap.
2. create a blog post with said pictures, a small description [what it is, size, true fit, true color, how worn], your asking price [are you negotiable?] + shipping price, and method of payment [ie. paypal].
3. include either SALE ONLY or SALE + SWAP at the top of your post. this will indicate whether you are up for a swap opposed to sale only. if you do desire to swap, when someone inquires about one of your items, they will send you a link to their shop/swap blog post in which you can browse and see if their is anything you would like to swap for [each pay appropriate shipping.]

their are 2 easy ways to accept or request payment online via paypal and the best part is that your buyer does not have to be a paypal member to pay you.
1. click here to create a paypal button for direct payment from your site.
2. simply email your buyer a paypal invoice.

the typical process will go like this.
jane browses my site and chooses a skirt that she would like to buy. she either clicks my direct payment button to purchase that particular item or if no direct payment button, she emails with her request [first come first serve] in which i would then email her the paypal invoice. all shipping information is included in the returned invoice.
items ship out that week!

as the host of this shop/swap, we will post all links to participating blogs on our blog * persons will then have the opportunity to browse the entirety of the online shop/swap. create your blog post beforehand and email to no later than monday july 9th, 2:00 pm mst.

if i've forgotten anything or you have any questions, feel free to email!


Melissa :

This is brilliant. Count me in.


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