light streaming in

one glorious thing about our new space is the amount of light that streams in. we only close our drapes for late night projector-on-the-wall movie watching. yes, we might always know when a neighbor is out back or they might catch on to how many bowls of cereal i eat in a day, but it's a nice exchange for the friendship with fresh light.


Natalie :

I totally agree with you! We keep the drapes open here until well past sundown and we live on the ground floor! However, since the sun doesn't set here in Scotland until 10 or 11pm in the summer it always provides for great people watching. My husband and I joke that the window is like flipping through tv channels since people walk by all day with their kids and dogs and carry on their conversations that we get to be a part of for a nano second.

Michelle :

Hi Natalie! Thanks for stopping by. You described it perfectly! I'm always so curious when I walk by people's houses, what their house looks like and so I guess we just open our windows to passerby's ;o). And, Scotland! I visited Edinburgh years ago and was just awed by the beauty there.


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