simple organization + a giveaway

organization has a high place in my heart, if i am organized, i can think and work and feel peace. a few simple tips that keep me and my space organized are:

//hooks & pushpins. we have a variety of sunglasses and when they were taking up the space of the counter top, i decided that a line of pushpins by the door would make a colorful statement + easy place to grab and go.
//shoe storage hanging inside a pantry or closet door. they're not just for shoes anymore. i have a shoe hanger inside my pantry door for those small items like aprons, bags of rice, oatmeal, medicine etc. and then one inside my daughters closet for all of her small toys.
//metal bins for paper products. if there is anything that can get out of hand, it is paper products. if you keep a lot in storage then you probably don't have much of a problem because the larger packs come in larger/nicer packaging but the few plates or napkins that i keep can get strewn around. now i can just grab down one container and get all that i need.
//his & hers counter top stations. it seems that it is inevitable to not have items on your bathroom counter top; it's just easier to have items right in front of you. my solution to items overtaking the counter top was to place items in colorful beautiful bowls. it looks nice and keeps things together.

what are your simple organization tips?

and p.s. we're stoked to be a part of laura's wall art love contest. you could win a limited edition black and white pixie camera from us as well as a whole stock of other amazing items. check it out here.
[photo via laura winslow photography blog]



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