making your own iphone case

don't rain on my parade if this has been done a million times before, because i thought i was a genius the day i figured this out! [i refuse to pinterest it]

i spent [wasted] hours and hours on the www trying to find the perfect iphone case all the while muttering under my breath over the price. i just spent --- on the phone itself and now a silly case is -- !!! and then it hit me, MAKE YOUR OWN! is this post acquiring too many !!!!! ?

i then spent some more time on the www to find the cheapest clear case possible. i think i did. so what if it took like 15 days to get here....thank you china.

so here ya go, my detailed pictures [way more detailed than you even need i know] of the way i made my own patterned iphone case.

i'm pretty happy with the fact that i have endless possibilities for a mere $1.17.



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