a husband + wife business

we've had a few requests for features as of late focused on us as husband & wife/parents + small business owners. as we've answered questions, i've thought a lot about the way we run our little business side by side. it has always been a dream of mine to own a little brick and mortar shop and i knew that this dream wouldn't just be mine. if i was going to get married and have a family and fulfill this passion, my husband and children would have to be involved as well. i feel blessed that this dream was quickly picked up by my husband. his learned skills and raw talent were already so in line with what my heart wanted, and actually, they were the sure route to making something last.

so how do we do it side by side and with a little family?

his prime working time is in the evening and on weekends whereas my prime working time is during nap time on weekdays and evenings. we've split work successfully depending on our desires and inclinations. the great part however, we have each other to ask for help or fill in where needed.

does all of the woodworking, glueing, spray painting, etc. for the furniture and toys. [i'm hoping to help out more in this area soon!]

answers wholesale email requests

fulfills all graphic design needs: shop prints, our logo and branding

designs and updates website

designs all shop jewelry

answers daily emails and reviews social media feeds like twitter and Facebook

creates weekly etsy treasuries

posts on our blog + keeps up with trends in the blogging world

shop accounting

he + she//
answer feature questions

photograph product

prepare for and participate in local markets

create projects for collaboration between artists

the things we do together are my favorite. i love that one of us will begin the process of answering questions to a feature request and the other will proof read and add. we always photograph our own product and it's fun setting up the shoot or sending on photos for the other to edit.

in the end, it's about finding the proper balance of tasks for each persons personality and time. although we each have our areas of expertise, their is always something that we need the others input on. when it comes to balancing this with a child or children, our daughter loves to bead right side along me or help  Steve sand wood. i love that she is growing up in a creative space, that she is watching her parents do something unique, together.

life couldn't be better when you share a hobby with your hubby.



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