peaches and the purpose of blogging

this last week i spent a significant amount of time contemplating the purpose of blogs. i thought about the blogs that draw me in and the blogs that i always go back to. these thoughts then of course led me to this blog. i'll be the first to admit that i'm all over the place in this space. i came from blogging in the somewhat mommy blogger world to blogging about business. it's been an interesting transition as i figure what to and what not to share. in mommy blog land i used to simply share our daily life, but daily business life isn't so full of cute crafts, yummy recipes, and darling child milestones...or is it?

i do believe that these days, social media is a key factor in running a business. it's a sure way to reach out and expand, it's a way to connect more personally and really get a peek into a life. we like that don't we, a peek into a life? we have become a "reality t.v." society and we thrive off of following others lives.

and then that's when my ground breaking realization hit. IT TAKES HEART TO SHARE A LIFE. our business life may not be exciting or glamorous every moment [shipping boxes, wood scraps, tools, supplies, working working working], but our normal home life and our business life are so closely connected, that THE HEART IS SIMPLY IN THE EVERYDAY DETAILS.

i have steered clear of sharing such thoughts in this space but when it comes right down to it, the sharing of words is where my heart is exposed the most.

so where did we spend most of our time last week besides in the work shop? in the rows of raspberries and peaches. lots and lots of peaches. no wonder i was full of contemplation, do gardens do that to you too?


Shauna :

Beautiful pictures! And I've struggled with the same questions you were thinking about, and LOVE what you came up with. I love seeing a blog about business be more REAL. We all like a peek into the lives of artists - lovely! And we can see where you draw daily inspiration from. Hugs!

Michelle :

Shauna, thank you for your words! I've come back to the post several times after just posting and considered taking it down. I'm glad that I'm not the only one. I've admired your shop and business etiquette for sometime now so thank you for your work and talent!


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