In the Workshop // Getting Organized

As we work on orders more and more, the more and more we find better ways to organize product and supplies. They can seriously take over the entire house or studio or garage or shed or whatever, if you're not careful. I've until now had a pretty inefficient system for keeping jewelry/mailing supplies which is surprising coming from an organizational freak, but last week, the breaking point came and I made some changes.

I decided to utilize that unfinished basement of ours, which I thought beforehand was just dark and dreary, but then I realized it's a total gem. Unfinished walls for poking holes in, yes! Unfinished walls for taping whatever to, yes! And that's when I got to poking and prodding and becoming resourceful. What do you do with that film bottle you were going to throw away? Poke it into the wall and use it as a camera strap holder of course! The ideas just kept coming as I poked more and more holes into the wall, not caring one bit about the hole itself.

And although it's still a bit dark and dreary, space is valuable around here and a slate for easy viewing, grabbing, and counting is golden.



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