A Hip Handmade Holiday

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Lets get in the Christmas spirit a little early shall we? We're excited to partner with The Craft Pack and share their new endeavor, A Hip Handmade Holiday. One glance at this e-book and you'll know that a lot of beautiful collaboration + talent + heart was put into it. I loved talking to Susan about this endeavor and her saying that one night she had the idea and the next thing she knew, she was making it happen. It's incredibly inspiring to associate with people like this. I often wonder how big things come about, how dreams come true, how you do what your heart tells you; and this is how!

As you can read on the website, A Hip Handmade Holiday provides "gifts for everyone on your list for $10 or less." It's a step by step digital book for the crafting novice or the crafting pro. I love that it not only provides the ideas and the how-to, but also the actual designs and printables to make the projects a reality. Sometimes I see an idea that looks amazing and possibly simple, but the actual figuring and compiling of needed items is where I may or may not actually complete it. This book gives you everything at your fingertips and the best part, the gift ideas range from your grandma to your dog-- don't forget mans best friend!

So, get a head start on those neighbor gifts so that you can enjoy the holiday a little more; but stay away from the Bear Necessities Gift Tin because that's what I'm giving to you *wink.

Want to buy A Hip Handmade Holiday? Purchase via our sidebar >>>>>>>>>

And speaking of Christmas, we're excited to be a part of the annual Creature Comforts Holiday Gift Guide today. A really tasteful and beautiful selection of gift items ranging from giving to the host, for teens, useful gifts, tasty gifts, etc.



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