Caravan Shoppe

If you haven't yet heard of the Caravan Shoppe, you probably haven't been on the internet! This newly shop opened by Melanie and Alma is a real keeper. First of all, they both have talent oozing out of their ears, a keen sense of style, and are so generous to offer their designs at ridiculously affordable prices.

The concept of the Caravan Shoppe is genius, choose your prints, posters, menu planners, one flat price and print as many as you would like at your local printer. I went wild and chose a couple of calendars, a menu planner, and several of the chalk art posters.

I quickly sent the constellation poster and the camera poster to my local staples and they had it ready for me that night. Did I mention it cost me a total of $6 to print both posters?! Wondering how to print these? All directions are given on the Caravan website and as you can tell I printed mine slightly smaller than the large size shown on their, do as you wish and make them suitable for your space.

And, if you spend $25 [which isn't hard to do] you receive 20% off your order with code: itsaparty. Anything on this site would be perfect as Christmas gifts for those far away friends and family no?



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