Alt Summit Prep

Alt Summit officially starts tonight! I'm a whole mix of emotions but excited for what I hear is an overwhelmingly amazing experience. A few Alt preps as of late...

Business cards. It seems that business cards [according to Alt attendees] are no longer just business cards. They are something a little more. We still have our traditional gorgeous letterpress cards but we thought we'd also throw a little something extra special into the mix. However, we're probably not keeping up with the 250 you once they're gone, they're gone!

And if you follow our instagram feed @twig_creative and my personal one @amichellehunt you've also seen wardrobe planning [that may be the most overwhelming part!] + snack gathering [this 'lil babe inside of me cannot get famished!] + panel planning.

Here's to the next couple of days! Follow us on IG for all the juicy details.


Michelle :

LOVE these! Also love your new logo. Enjoy your time at ALT. Looking forward to following along on IG :)

lacey horst-thomas :

ah! i love this.

Michelle :

Hi Michelle! Thank you for your nice comment/compliments. Hope you enjoyed following along with Alt Summit.

Lacey, thank you! They were fun to put together.

Alixandra Lewis Adams :

It was so nice to meet you at Alt! Your card was my very favorite. And it will sit on my craft shelf forever! Also, I am in love with your wooden cameras! In fact, I am buying one for my little baby's birthday in March. He is always playing with my real one, so I think he will love it!

Twig :

Alix, So great to meet you as well and who could forget your sparkly cards! Thank you for the compliment on our cameras. We can't wait to see your baby with one!

marta :

i absolutely love your 'business cards'. so you and so genius!! can't wait to catch up on your ALT-ing. so glad you were a speaker.. wow. good work! that baby belly is darling!

Michelle @ Twig :


Thanks so much for visiting! The business cards were so fun to do. I was thinking about your first year at ALT and wishing you would have been there this time around.


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