Fabric Paint Shirts

I'm definitely a late comer to stenciling and fabric painting clothing but after months of intending to try it out, I finally did! I might be a little addicted now--what can I paint next???

I was so excited to use my horse & fox stamps with a fox shirt for the little gal and a horse shirt for myself but sadly I couldn't get a good enough print out on the shirt and you couldn't even tell what the animal was. So, I opted for the basic polka and even a few triangles by dabbing paint on a large wooden bead. I was tempted to bring out vegetables, potato, celery, carrot and carve my own stamps. However, I love how the polka dot turned out on the little girls shirt and the large polka dots will be a nice addition to my boring maternity shirt. Next up, I'm thinking a diy of this belt.

*I used "Tulip" soft gold fabric paint from my local Hobby Lobby. 



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