Hand Illustrated Calendar

On my personal IG account yesterday, I shared a peek at this belated Christmas gift. I was immediately floored at the idea, the uniqueness, the hand illustration. I don't know about you, but as much as I adore hand illustration, that is as far as my talent in the area goes, adoration. I've never disliked my handwriting but my doodles always tend to end up with too many stars and balloons if you know what I mean. This, this is pure talent from a good friend and I couldn't be happier to be the recipient of it. It really made me wish that my gift to her wouldn't have been homemade shortbread cookies that sat on the counter until they had to be thrown away. We're no longer neighbors and obviously that put both of us out.

It's humorous because we have a running joke with her about her fake business rightly named "Trunk." You see, it's a knock off of Twig! The talk of it started while lounging on a blanket with pizza at a park in the summer months and we couldn't stop laughing as we came up with idea after idea of useless, poorly made, but funny items that "Trunk" could sell. This my friend isn't in the "Trunk" category, this is pure gold.


lacey horst-thomas :

oh my gosh! i wish i had a friend that would make me something like this. it's too awesome.

cheney cheney bang bang :

Thanks for the love and the praise. Those happen to be two of my most favorite things. And your photography skillz are top notch.


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