Taking Product Photos at Home

Do you take product or baby or blog pictures out of your home? We sure do and we've finally come up with a solid system for an at home- small scale - studio.

Supplies >>
A Table
A couple of chairs or a wall to lean against
3 white pieces of foam core

We prefer a small table opposed to a dining table because it allows us to tower above the object on our steady two feet when taking those straight on type photos. We've also noticed amongst various homes we've lived in, that there is always that perfect sun spot. In our last home, it was the landing at the top of our stairway. Now, it is in our living room in front of our big windows in the early morning light.

The best part about this set up is that its easily cleaned up and easily storable, not to mention that it has endless possibilities. Throw a cool textile over the top of the foam core and you've got yourself a stylish backdrop. I've also heard of taping a piece of foam core to the wall for head shots.

For larger product or when photographing people, a white sheet is more appropriate but this small set up is perfect for our hand held objects. What has worked for you?


jen :

love it. It's almost the exact same setup I have when shooting food.


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