Peek with Mom's Best

We love invites from the Mom's Best Network because they're good old fun for the whole family. Last week we met up with Tana from Mom's Best and local bloggers + public for a look into the new highly fashionable children's Peek store. The little gal zoomed around the store on a toy car, mentioned that she wanted a succor from behind the register just loud enough for the manager to walk one over to her, wrote her own name on her name tag, colored a picture for the Perfect Day Art Contest, and photo -boothed it up with mom and dad.

The store was whimsical + colorful, inviting to parent and child to thumb through darling outfit after darling outfit with a knick knack or two placed at perfect eye level for that curious child to test out.

We'll admit this sort of thing is right up our alley, with a love for children's products of course and we're sure to be found browsing this store on frequent occasion.



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