Triangle Fabric Paint Shirts // Mom & Little

Brought out the fabric paints again! I've eyed this shirt from Forever 21 for some time but only wished that it had sleeves. So, with my new love of stenciling, I decided to fashion up my own. And then of course, the little gal's plain grey t-shirt begged for one too.

Supplies //
Cardstock [fold in half and free hand desired shape, unfold for a symmetrical result]
Masking Tape [i placed tape around the edging and rolled a few pieces to place underneath the paper]
Fabric Paint
Paint Brush
T-shirts [mine from walmart for $4.88, the little gal's from target clearance for $1.29]
Cardboard or something similar to place inside the shirt [so that the paint doesn't soak through]

Tips //
Paint around your stencil edge and when painting inside that line to fill in the middle, do not re-paint the edging, it won't be even! Using a large foam brush and using a dabbing technique seemed to work best. Hold the stencil down tightly and go at it.



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