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Today is a fun topic, The Art Of...A Vintage Life. My friend Stacy is a pro in this area and often gives me vintage envy. Her home, her style, her children's style, and her ability to find unique items is desirable. Her blog and shop are sure to make your favorites list.

Hello! I am so happy Michelle asked me to be a part of her 'Art of...' series and write about this topic in particular since it is very dear to me. Although I do like a lot of things shiny and new I live in an old home, most of our furniture is from another decade, you will often find my two little girls in vintage dresses, and I will never say no to a treasure hunting trip.

I've been rolling around different thoughts in my head of why vintage is such a big part of my life and what the beauty or art I see in it is, and I have come up with many reasons. Some are pretty straightforward – for instance, I am drawn to the style and lines of mid-century furniture because I think it is beautifully designed, there is visual beauty in the piece of vintage itself. But the biggest and probably most meaningful reason I find beauty in vintage is through the stories they tell. I love how I can hold a piece of the past in my hands and feel connected to another person or another time.

My biggest weakness is vintage children's clothing which I both collect and sell. I find beauty and inspiration in the different styles, the craftsmanship, the fabric and prints, the thoughtfully designed details. What people wore was a huge part of what defined their generation and is an easy way to feel instantly connected to that era. I find great satisfaction in my work of searching out these pieces that were forgotten from the past and then connecting them to someone in the present. Someone who will weave their own story into the threads of that piece of clothing, adding onto the one that was already written.

Not only do I like the well-preserved like-new vintage clothing, but I like the worn out and well-used ones. Their stories are more evident. An old pair of overalls tells the story of a baby learning to crawl and wearing the knees down. A sweet handmade dress speaks of a loving mother painstakingly sewing each button hole by hand and expertly repairing a small tear at the seam. A light stain on the skirt of a pretty frock may have been from a bit of spilled frosting from a special birthday cake. Yes, I may be imagining these stories, but the point is I see beauty in these flaws. I see moments preserved in tangible form. I see life that was lived.

There is something beautiful about connecting with our past. There is beauty in realizing we are not so different from those people whose stories are left behind by the clothing they wore, the furniture they filled their home with, the records they listened to, or the books they read. I suppose I fill my life with vintage because I like to surround myself with great storytellers.


jen :

love this, and I love what she said about making connections with people from the past. That's why I love old things too, the stories make things meaningful!


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