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Their is no one better to start off this series than Jane from the See Jane Blog. I was lucky enough to chat with her for a few at The Alt Summit back in January and she is just as nice and beautifully stunning as she is online. Among a long list of reasons, I love her blog because she is a creative genius when it comes to celebrating not just holidays but her family. She adds that special touch, she takes that extra time, and she produces a uniquely fresh and fun idea that takes the ordinary to extraordinary. I know that you'll feel just as inspired as I was when I read these words in contribution to The Art Of...Family.

hello *twig creative* readers, it is such a pleasure to be a part of the art of... series. as i have been thinking about what i wansted to say in this post, i continued to dwell on ideas behind the science of families. not the logistics of how a family is created mind you. but, rather what takes place behind-the-scenes of a family that make it beautiful. the interactions between family members, the laughter, the time and effort involved to making a family function with love at its roots. the art of… family via twig creative sela and sidewalk chalk
i know from experience, that our family is at its very best when we are all present. when we are enjoying time together and soaking in everything that moment has to offer. sans distractions. this doesn't happen very often - we reside in a busy world with numerous distractions, and we all have responsibilities to work, school, etc. myla sidewalk chalk sidewalk chalk twins via twig creative as a parent, i make constant efforts to enjoy the moment. this does not come easy. i have to frequently remind myself to gather those i love the most, focus my attention towards them and just play. to be acutely aware of one another. to relish our differences, our similarities, and our time together: skateboarding girl skateboard pipe with sidewalk chalk via twig creative allow me to digress for a moment and share with you, one of my passions. i have always had a deep admiration for art and architecture from all time periods. my heart favors contemporary buildings and design, yet i stand in awe of the great, old castles and cathedrals around the world. i can not comprehend the endless hours that were invested in some of the worlds most astonishing buildings and art. can't name the names of the people who built the great cathedrals. .the builders are unknown. they completed things not knowing that anyone would notice. they gave their whole lives for a work, a mammoth work, they would never see finished. the workers showed up, day after day. some of the cathedrals took over a hundred years to build. that was more than one working mans lifetime. day after day. and they made personal sacrifices for no credit. showing up at a job they would never see finished, for a building their name would never be on. one man says no great cathedrals will ever be built again because so few people are willing to sacrifice to that degree. sidewalk chalk slam dunk via twig creative i recently heard this analogy from Nicole Johnson in her invisible woman message. and it was exactly what i needed to hear. this message gives a fantastic visual of how much time and endless work goes in to the art of a family. big balloon with sidewalk chalk via twig creative greatness is not achieved overnight. you must sacrifice, work hard, be humble, and be patient. day after day. and, please don't forget: to relax, be silly, have fun, and maybe include a whole lotta sidewalk chalk! sidewalk chalk heart via twig creative you are building a great cathedral. it will not be finished in your lifetime. we can all experience the art of... family. *** warmly, Jane

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