Weekend // Road trip

Our weekend began early and yet still ended too early. We took a little road trip down south to the red rocks in St. George. The sunshine welcomed us and we bathed in its rays for as long as possible, hiking + swimming + exploring. We stayed at the perfect resort with a stellar view and a grassy area and trail that allowed our rooms to extend to the outdoors. I decided this just might be the perfect time to venture down South as it was warm but not so unbearably hot--even for my 6 month pregnant self. I'm still dreaming of lounging in the kiddy pool for hours and hours. Kiddy pool--maybe the best idea yet. Didn't even have to worry about the little gal as she said, "look mom, I'm swimming!" She could "swim," and I could just cool off in the water right next to her. Sadly, our trip came to a quick halt when sickness struck us, but we found some old fashioned candy sticks to cheer us up on the ride home. And you know what welcomed us at home? Rain and cold. Gloomy like our sick moods I guess. Welcome back!



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