Cozy Gift Guide // Medium Control

Next up in our sharing of favorite product from our Cozy Gift Guide is Medium Control.

Several years ago I thought and thought and thought and finally came up with the perfect anniversary gift for the hubs...but only two days before the actual day I needed it. It was a messenger bag from Medium Control and you know what, they got it to me within those two days, right in time for our anniversary. The other gift I had ordered at least a month earlier didn't even arrive until a month after our anniversary...ironic and a bit humorous. So, to say the least, we've been big fans of Medium Control for years now and we're so excited to see that they have grown from their Etsy shop to their own brick and mortar store.

It made our day to open up a little package with these three rad shirts that fit right in with our camera fixation. They're the type of shirts you want to wear everyday, original designs + so so comfortable + the perfect fit. It's going to be difficult for us to not walk out in the morning all wearing our shirts because I already want to wear mine everyday. Thank you Medium Control!


Medium Control :

Amazing! You guys look great thanks again for rockin' The Medium Control !


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