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Flat Out Frankie makes unique & inventive cardboard creations that allow children to construct, play, and imagine. You already know that we're all for anything that promotes imagination, but what we love most about Flat Out Frankie products is not only the simple beauty but also that each piece is basic enough for our four year old to look at the package instructions and figure out how to piece together the toy. It brings her a satisfaction and greater enjoyment than regular old toys do. It's exciting to watch the toy and her anticipation come to life and the toys are so well designed, we actually want them on display in our home. We love finding them in various nooks from room to room where they have been played with and kept. We also love the thought of gifting such a unique item and changing up the mundane gifting scene. Now if we can only get our little girl to agree, we'll use the unicorn head someday as a cool art piece in her room as well. Thanks Flat Out Frankie!

Seen here- The Little Unicorn Head & The Stack Up Dolls



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