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Is it odd to say that I've become a bit of a bib snob? When you spend most of your day taking a bib on & off and then cleaning up such bib and surrounding area, you get picky! Not to mention, it's nearly impossible to find plain old beautiful children's wear in your local grocery store/market. So cue Snap Bibs! The color range will have you at hello but then you experience the simplicity of clean up and you're sold. A quick wipe down and you're done. I love that I want to photograph my child in her highchair with her bib on and that the bib actually compliments the picture! You then move onto older children who don't want to/shouldn't wear a bib anymore and yet they've still got you covered, matching and equally durable place mats. And possibly the best part, you can roll up your placemat, you can roll up your bib, and take them on the go! But wait, the best part for my little girl is actually the sample pack of bibs that they offer, just in case you can't decide on a color, which you probably won't be able to. After we looked at all of the pretty colors, she quickly deemed them as her newest barbie doll accessory. Thanks Snap Bibs!



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