The New Pixie Camera

Summertime is the time we like to celebrate our birthday here at Twig - and this year we're turning 2. It's been a year spent trying to find our place and purpose as a business. And admittedly, at times things have grown stagnant as we've tried to answer the question, "So what's next?" That's a difficult question for a small business to answer. But we've been inspired! In the way our products are made and the philosophy behind them. So now we're excited to show what we've been working on!

Introducing the new Pixie Camera!

We've removed fasteners of any kind and replaced them with traditional, interlocking jointer - allowing the material itself to become part of the design. The result is a naturally-safe, heirloom-quality toy made of 4 interchangeable pieces for even more interactive, building fun…and let's just say, the color possibilities are endless.

Check out our new website to build your own!



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