Valentines Project | Cardboard Art Weaving for Kids

Our daughter spends most of her free time immersed in some sort of art project; which we love and fully promote, but we were a little stumped to find something that didn't involve paint when she asked to have an art themed birthday party. We found a tutorial for cardboard weaving on the Art Bar Blog and we jumped on it. After the fact, we wouldn't recommend such an activity when you have to help ten 6 year olds at the same time, but one on one, this is an awesome kid friendly and even fun for the adults, project.

With Valentines day quickly approaching, we thought it would be fun to make a weaving in valentine colors that could then be given away.

We simplified the process a bit by not being too picky about the measurements and by substituting the plastic needle with a wooden stick that was then also used to hang the weaving on. The best part is that the main piece of equipment for this project is a piece of cardboard!

How to:

  • Cut a piece of cardboard (the wider or longer the piece, the wider & longer your weaving) and either measure or eye, to cut consistent slits across each end. 
  • Cut a small piece of cardboard the same width as your first piece of cardboard and glue to the bottom of your slits on each end. 
  • String yarn into each slit, leaving a tail on the end and then tape down all of the tails to the back of the cardboard.
  • Choose your first color of yarn and tie to your stick or attach to your plastic needle and follow a pattern of over, under, over, under or vice versa. Pull the yarn through and keep a short tail on the end.
  • On the next line, do the opposite of what you did before, so under, over, under, over and repeat on each line, pulling through and adjusting to the tightness that you desire. The tighter you pull, the thinner the weaving will become. 
  • Switch yarn colors as often as you desire, always leaving a short tail on the end.
  • When finished, pull the string out of the slits, tie one knot in the top and leave the bottom out to hang. Tape all of the loose tails to the back.
  • Connect the tied portion to your stick and wahlah you're done!




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