15 friends project; meeting a 15 friend-er.

it's true, a 15 friends project update! the holidays threw us for a loop but things are finally back on track. on saturday i had the pleasure to meet one of the 15 friend-ers kal barteski while she was in town for the alt summit. she was kind enough to pack her paints and work on the canvas in her hotel room. you would never know that she didn't have access to her studio by the result of her addition; she put it perfectly, it's rad.

she also generously gave me several packs of her mini-prints. they are bold + true + inspiring. can't wait to hang a few around the house. however, i'd love to spread the word about kal's talent so if you would like a free mini-print, blog about the 15 friends project or put our button [in the sidebar] on your blog and leave a comment with your email telling us so. i'll email you back this week and send you out a print!

so what does this mean for the 15 friends project? it means we've got one canvas in hand and one more on the road. watch for kal's update here and the last canvas update over at creature comforts here.

after that, we'll be ready for a big 'ol auction! stay tuned and follow the entire project here.


Chelsea Costa :

Hi Michelle! Paying back your blog visit. :) It's gorgeous in here -- love your logo, too! Also took a peek into your shop and those wooden cameras are absolutely adorable. I've got your blog in my daily reads, so I'm excited to keep up with what's going on over here!

Chelsea Costa :

Duh--forgot to say, I came across the 15 friends project a few weeks before Alt and fell in LOVE with the idea! I didn't realize it was you. :)

Michelle :

Hi Chelsea, so glad you stopped by! So glad that we were able to connect and now be friends here on the www. Maybe you can help us out with one of our future 15 friends projects!?

Chelsea Costa :

Most definitely! Keep me posted.


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