sparking creativity.

possibly it is because of the new year but it seems that ideas to help lure creativity are rounding the internet. i happen to be thankful for all of the thoughts spreading because i have found myself in a creativity slump. it's not always easy to understand or depict exactly what your heart is telling you/wants to do. often i feel a strong push toward creativity but don't know how to properly fulfill the itch. do you relate? sometimes however it can be due to lack of proper supplies, outlet, opportunity, or even skill. i laugh at myself sometimes because when i have digital ideas looming, if i attempt to create them, i spend a better portion of my day terribly trying to create it and still fail, but if steve puts his hand to it, it is accomplished within minutes. insert lack of skill verses skill. we should challenge ourselves, but also challenge ourselves within limits/be willing to learn the necessary skills first right! however that tumble process is often a good learning kick starter.

so how do you overcome a creative slump? a lack of ideas? or a low in authenticity?

some i've found useful this week:



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