The 15 Friends Project; #12 Creature Comforts

we're thrilled and a little sad to say that this is the last update of the 15 friends project. ez of creature comforts added her mark today and will shortly send the 2nd canvas back to us.  once both canvases are in our hands, we'll look back at all the little details and admire the canvases together...not to mention get the auctioning going!

we must also do a little explaining since this post says #12 and the project is of course made of 15 people. sadly, unruly things had to drop out due to time constraints, gussy sews did add her mark but we haven't seen a post on it [correct us if we're wrong], and the last person #15 involved in the project will be the lucky winner of the canvases.

see friend #12, creature comforts addition to the 15 friends project here.

our favorite part, the beauty of the original hand painted bird and that she looked at all of the elements and brought them together.

want to see the whole lineup? go here.

[image via creature comforts]



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