chalkboard message boxes

i like the idea of a multipurpose diy ya know? this one wasn't intentional towards valentines but once i finished it, i thought hey, it's perfect for door bell ditching to that special someone on that special day. so, get out your paint brushes, your chalkboard paint, and your wood and get to it.

i had originally planned to cut and glue scraps of wood together in order to create my box but i eyed these simple wood boxes with lids while grocery shopping of all places and figured it wouldn't hurt to simplify the process even more! either way you do it, you'll feel proud.

i also had originally planned to paint a solid block across the whole front of the box but once i was into the project i realized that unique shapes were more fun. i simply used painters tape to paint off desired sections/a baking circle to trace the half circle and then painted 2 coats of the chalkboard paint on each section.

when it came to the uses for the boxes, the ideas were endless. i love the esthetics of plants but am a terribly forgetful water can. what better way to hint that memory than to place your plant in a box that either says "WATER ME!" or has hand drawn rain drops on it. i'm 100% positive your children don't need a reminder to eat the treats from the candy jar, but at least this one's a little more welcoming and approving. and lastly, back to leaving that special something for that special someone; a question mark and a scrumptious treat is all that is needed.

what i love about this project is that you can do it on your own, with a friend, or with your children. it can be given for birthdays with small balloons that pop out when you open it, that mundane wednesday when you need a box full of chocolates and an inspiring message on front, to house your favorite writing tools, keys, or nick-knacks. it can be given to your children's school teachers with their favorite attribute of their teacher written on front, to that new neighbor with a big WELCOME on front, or just placed on your shelf with rotating messages. it's easy, it's fun, and it's multipurpose. try it and then let me know how yours turns out!


Maja :

Absolutely beautiful! I've been meaning to make something with chalpaint for a while now.
Thanks for sharing!

ME and DE :

Looks like so much fun! Love your ideas Michelle!!!


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