sometimes it's easy to forget the little things that make you feel most like yourself and that bring out the best in you. last weekend we headed into the city and spent a sunny evening at a beautiful and people packed park; where we could walk the trails and throw sticks in the river. we then found ourselves at the rose establishment. i snapped pictures with giddyness as the atmosphere immediately won my heart over, the little gal picked up a few small games from the windowsill, and we sat on a rustic wood table eating pear porridge and a veggie sandwich. we were content. the breath of fresh air combined with the art of a small wonderful cafe where detail and goodness were most important made us wonder why we sometimes wander off into commercialism and chain business in the first place. we resonate with the small, the one of a kind, the lasting impression type experiences. they satisfy all senses.

it made for a beautiful night and we came to ourselves again.



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