artist feature// andrew+carissa

//i originally became a fan of carissa's whimsical photography but soon found out they do so much more. check them out.
favorite art medium?

//photo + film. that's how we spend our days and nites. 
what inspires you to create?
//things that fly and feeling small.
what are you eating or listening to while working?
//this week we are drinking tea, eating applesauce and granola, and listening to lots of the shins, simon and garfunkel, and brahms.
what is your typical work space?
//a very white room on the top floor of our little house, surrounded by sticky notes and things that inspire us. it's also a little messy right now.
what is a must have crafting tool?
your creativity is rejuvenated by? 
//talking to each other, being in nature, and listening to music.

your area of work originally started because of?
//for both of us, we saw the world in a certain way and wanted to capture it. for carissa that meant taking photos, and for andrew it meant making films. now we get to do it together!



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