Reading// ABC Circus


we don't stray too much from daily design around here but i like to think that one of our greatest designs can be what we introduce and expose our daughter to. reading was important to me before she was born and continues to be a passion that i know has numerous positive effects for children in general. each week we visit the library for 30 minutes of song, dance, reading, parachute spinning, and bubble blowing. it is a highlight for both of us. i love to see her excitement as each song begins and her progression as she masters the actions and words. afterward, we pick out a few books to read throughout the week. this week we picked out a colorful ABC book that not only satisfied her current love of the ABC's & circus's but also my visual need for clever + good design. each page is interesting and beautiful.


Ana Degenaar :

This is so lovely. Emma learned her ABCs this year and I was jumping up and down like a mad woman.

Michelle :

Isn't it so exciting! My daughter walks around reciting the ABC's with her funny little quirks in between and the skipping of a letter or two and it just makes me so happy.


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